Gift cards to give away.

Not just regular cards.


Do you want to send an e-card to someone and simultaneously make a good contribution? Then gift cards are good choices for you, to forward or print out to honour someone at birthdays, baptization, or maybe as in memoriam for someone beloved who have passed away?


Suggestion for birthday card using motif no. 2.

Suggestion of in memoriam using motif no. 3.


Choose among twelve motifs, where you can add your own personal text. Click on the pictures for enlargements with examples on personal texts.

The amount is up to you to decide. You may donate through PayPal. Once you have donated, please send an e-mail stating:

- motif number

- the receiver's name, if it should be stated

- your personal text

- date and amount of donation through PayPal so I can find your donation.

Once the donation is confirmed, I will send you an e-card to your e-mail address, usually within 10 days (if I have access to the Internet).

Remember to enter your amount in upper right corner first and click on "Update Totals" before you proceed with the other fields on the page.


Motif no. 1

Motiv nr 2

Motif no. 3

Motif no. 4

Motif no. 5

Motif no. 6

Motif no. 7

Motif no. 8

Motif no. 9

Motif no. 10

Motif no. 11

Motif no. 12

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