Your donation will make a difference.
But it really is now or never.


It has never been so easy to make a straightforward effort for the hoyas in the wild like now. This is the first project ever dealing with hoyas.
- Let us make difference while we still have the chance!

The entire project is estimated to take at least 5 years in PNG. Optimal field work would need 320 people donating €6 each month, or 160 people donating €12. This does actually cover the entire financial need!

There are various ways to support this project. Either by donating monthly, occassionally or by sending donation cards for birthdays or in memoriam. It all depends upon your capability.

Also there is an unique opportunity for those who can donate at least an entire month's need: Hoya Guardian.

We can also encourage others to join. Together we can achieve more! Some ideas:

- Make cakes to "sell" at coffee breaks at work, to donate the income.
- Hoya enthusiasts gathering for meetings could donate together.
- Replace one or two of your boxes of cigarettes to donate €6 monthly - a good step to quit smoking?
- You monthly donators, tell others why you chose to contribute, it may inspire others to join too.
- Link to www.paradiseforest.net from your website. You are welcome to use the banner in the end of this page.

My deepest thanks for the donation of the growth substrate EpiWeb!

50 eurocent is enough for one hoya's growing medium, but I will grow at least 1000 hoya plants. Donators contributed the entire sum to buy this material - my deepest thanks to all of you who donated to this pledge!




Donations are not taxed in Sweden so every euro donated will contribute directly to this project. (Those of you donating through PayPal, they have transaction fees which are 3,4 % of the sum plus some 30 eurocent as a fee.)

Contributors will receive newsletters at least 3 times a year, allowing you to see what is going on in the project and how your contribution have made difference. The first newsletter in English was sent in September 2010.

When do I need the fundings, and how will they be used?

The project started in summer 2010 and relies completely on precious donations. The fundings will be spent on extensive field work during the initial three years. After these three years, the field work is expected to decrease to increase the scientific studies on the collected material.


It is relatively cheap to stay in PNG's villages. Yet I need about €1,700 each month. Why? Due to the rugged terrain and limited road network, I have to mainly rely on flights all over the country. The flights is the biggest expense and makes up more than half of the entire budget.

In stark contrast to the villages - the cities, towns and tourist oriented villages are quite expensive in PNG. This is the second biggest expense, about €10-50 nightly even in budget hotels. Some reasons are that they have to import a lot of materials from Australia or elsewhere, and they need to hire guards for security reasons for the guests and so on.

There are also Village Management Areas, Conservational Areas etc., owned cooperatively by several villages, who charge entrance fees, food, accommodation, guides and porters. This is a way to make a living on preserving their ancient forests instead of burning or cutting it down. Thus, in this way your contributions also goes directly to the conservation of these areas' ancient forests.

The remaining budget covers fees for equipment, field work materials, medicines (primarily vaccinations and malarial tablets).

The goal is to reach 100% of the financial need. If I fail to do so, the flight trips will be negatively affected, causing a slower pace in the project so I may not arrive in time to high priority areas.

For the sake of the hoyas, the deaf people and the ancient forest reserves/areas!

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