Hoya Guardian
Unique and unforgettable!


Unique newly discovered big flowered species from the ever mist covered mountains. Fully pendant habit covered with coarse stiff hairs and 4 cm (almost 2") huge campanulate pinkish white flowers.

Curious what the name of your species would be? A Latin termination is added to your family name:
(for a person, unisex)
-iae (for a woman)
-ii (for a man)
-iorum (for two or more people,
        e.g. a couple or family)

Ex. named for Lundberg
Hoya lundbergiana
Hoya lundbergiae
Hoya lundbergii
Hoya lundbergiorum


There is a new plant awaiting to be named for you!

Or why not give it away as a most unique gift to someone?

Papua New Guinea has many, recently discovered or still undiscovered, species awaiting to be scientifically described. The picture at left is one Hoya awaiting to be named and published.

Hoyas are beautiful and easy to grow plants, and very popular among both the general gardeners and specialty collectors. They are also grown commercially in Europe and Asia, and the interest is rapidly growing internationally.

Therefore the new name will not only be published to be known among a few scientists. No, the name will be known and used across the globe among the big number of people growing hoyas!

A rare opportunity, where the Hoya Guardian's contribution will be remembered forever.

Since there is a limit to only 10 species: first donated, first served. Currently only 7 species are available.

The amount is up to you to decide, but it must cover at least one full month of field work, which is 1,600 and up.

The two biggest donations have two advantages:
These two will be published first. These two Hoya Guardians will be able to choose their favourites among a number of new species, when it is time to make publications.

Currently the biggest donation is 2.500.

The other Hoya Guardians' species will be published in chronological order when new species are to be published. It may take several years until the tenth species has been studied carefully and published - this is a time consuming procedure.

Being Hoya Guardian, you will receive a diploma certifying that you are a Hoya Guardian. Once a species have been named for you, you will receive a card illustrated with your new species and its scientific name derived from your name.

If you wish, you may also receive a small plant of it as well to grow by yourself!

Contact me if you want to become a Hoya Guardian.



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