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May- July 2010

I went toPapua New Guinea as a reconnoitre visit for two months.

I enquired at the local post office whether if my EpiWeb had arrived. Yes it had!

I met about 40 deaf people, of whom 5 were my guides in the forests near Lae and Goroka.

We found approximately 80 hoyas and have mounted them on EpiWeb in various ways as a trial to evaluate which method works best in the two different gardens. One is situated at high altitude, 1500 metres (4500 ft) and the other is almost at sea level.

Now I have returned to Sweden and am preparing the remaining equipment to be sent to PNG. I am excited to return to PNG later this year to see how the gardens are. Some deaf people are currently looking after them.

From now and onwards all updates are being sent as newsletters.


October 1, 2009


500 blocks of Epiweb has been picked up at Dusk Tropic in Stockholm. In the photo they are at my home waiting to be sent to Papua New Guinea.

I'm currently locating the fastest and reliable solution to send them to PNG.

The white pipe will be punched with tiny holes for precise target irrigation for the blocks. This conserves water so the blocks can be irrigated more frequently for a more even moisture.

September 16, 2009 Yesterday I had a speech at Teckenspråksforum in Gothenburg. There were several curious deaf people listening and asking many questions. Swedish Television joined my trip from Stockholm to Gothenburg to documentate the speech.
September 8, 2009 Now twelve gift cards are available after the condoleances for my loved departed grandmother, as donators had asked for more cards with cheeky papuan kids. I arranged that for them, and wanted to make them available online for you as well. Click here to see all gift cards.
August 25, 2009 This project would not be made possible without my amazing donators! Therefore, I have made a list for those who have made an important contribution to the hoyas and deafs in PNG! Have a look here.
(If you who have donated want to be on the list, or be removed, please let me know.)

The order of Epiweb blocks has been sent to Dusk Tropic. Delivery time is estimated to September 20th.


July 31, 2009 Campaign successful! My deepest thanks to all of you who bought 1000 Epiweb blocks before August 1st! Now we can buy enough growing medium, the order will be sent to Dusk Tropic once the measurements have been decided.


July 2, 2009 New photos have been added of me working in the field in about project.

The page about Hoya Guardian has been updated with more details regarding diplomas etc.

Now there are 4 banners that you may use on your website for linking to this project, in "How can you help?"


June 7, 2009 Start of the fund raising campaign to buy growing medium enough for 1000 hoyas in Papua New Guinea.

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