We managed to get fundings to buy the
growth substrate EpiWeb for 1000 hoyas!


My deepest thanks to the EpiWeb-donators!

Christina Tellebo
Cecilia Türner
Erik Knutsson
Fredric Kenttä
Gunilla Koch
Hannes Yttersjö
Jessica Fröblom
Margaretha Andersson
Merja Schütt
Mikael Karlbom
Mindy Drapsa
Rainer Hertel
Rosita Pettersson
Torbjörn Hellström
Torill Nyhuus
Vanja Kuru
Yvonne Frisén

Only €0.50 per block!

The low price is thanks to the company of EpiWeb offered us a good deal and offered free labour and packaging. Those blocks (or slabs) of EpiWeb will act both as a pot and as growing medium, where one hoya are planted onto the block.

But we needed 1000 hoyas, ie 1000 blocks for €500. The donators made a big united contribution and donated the entire cost!

But, why blocks of EpiWeb?

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1 October 2009

I have just picked up the initial 500 blocks of EpiWeb from Dusk Tropic in Stockholm, Sweden. The picture at left features them awaiting to be sent to Papua New Guinea.

The white pipe roll will be dotted with holes for target irrigation for the blocks.

Yet again, thanks to all EpiWeb-donators!



This grid was completely filled between
7 June - 27 July!

1032 blocks



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