Sarawaget Range - Morobe Province



An unique project in Papua New Guinea:

Goal: To survey all over Papua New Guinea, to collect and conserve the great diversity of the country's peculiar and unique hoyas  (also known as wax plants) and related genera, which primarily grow in ancient forests. Both for the sake of science and future of biodiversity. And to produce "Hoyas of Papua New Guinea" with many illustrative photos.

Involving deaf locals: Being deaf myself I will develop relationships with local deaf people to evaluate the needs of future initiatives/projects for the deaf. This is made by involving them in this botanical survey across the country to gather background information about them and their sign languages, and how we can encourage them in their lives. The deaf people are often among the poorest all over the world, and in some cases do not acquire a language fully because of the lack of information about the significance of an early language input for an individual's mental and social development. The background information will be made accessible to others interested to work for the deaf people in PNG.

The project began in summer 2010 and is estimated to complete in 5 years. This is funded by donations from individuals, companies and organizations.
Together we'll support Papua New Guinea's
Hoyas and deaf people.

Are you in?

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